Disposable medical tip PP material used for nucleic acid detection

The automatic suction head is made of imported polypropylene (PP) material, the surface is treated by special process, with super hydrophobicity, to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data, and the product is automatically produced in 100,000 class purification workshop, without DNA, RNA, protease and heat source · Nozzle capacity range: 20uL to 1000uL · Smooth inner surface, greatly reducing residue, no waste of samples · Good air tightness and strong adaptability · Products can be sterilized by e-bean and verified by SGS

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6 sizes available: 10μL, 20μL, 100μL, 200μL, 300μL, 1000μL, * With filter element and no filter element two options * The adsorption capacity of superhydrophobic surface liquid is much lower than that of ordinary surface * No bending of suction head, high transparency * Suitable for handling biological samples with detergent and some solvents * No silanization, nucleic acid and PCR inhibitor on the surface * High temperature (121℃) for 30 minutes * No DNase/RNase, no heat sourceDisposable microsuction head is made of transparent polymer material polypropylene (PP), without bending, suitable for micropipette, used for accurate transfer of a small amount of liquid. • Two specifications with and without filter are available • Use: liquid removal, liquid packaging, liquid mixing, working plate and reaction vessel sample Extended suction Can remove samples from 5mL centrifuge tube, cone-bottom centrifuge tube, cell culture flask, deep hole plate and other deep containers. It also avoids touching the walls of these deeper containers, reducing cross-contamination. Use 10μL extended tip to absorb antibody (100μL/ tube, 1mL tube), can be directly sucked to the bottom of the tube, and because the tip of the tip is long and thin, the residual antibody outside the tip is much less than the ordinary tip. It can prevent the sample from entering the pipette, prevent the contamination of the sample by impurities in the pipette, and also prevent aerosol and water vapor from entering the pipette. Recommended for PCR, radioactive, biotoxic, corrosive, volatile sample adding operations.
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0311 Eppendorf Pipette Tip 10ul PP 100,000
BN0312 200ul PP 50,000
BN0313 300ul PP 50,000
BN0314 1000ul PP 15,000
1. Cell culture (medium) 2.  Genomics: PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR and all other forms of PCR 3.  Enzyme reaction (restriction restriction reaction, enzyme linking reaction) 4. Detergent for nucleic acid extraction and purification 5. Gel electrophoresis analysis (e.g. prefabricated DNA ladder strips) 6.  Proteomics (the study of many proteins) 7. Protein extraction and purificat
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0321 Gillson Pipette Tip 10ul PP 100,000
BN0322 200ul PP 50,000
BN0323 300ul PP 50,000
BN0324 1000ul PP 15,000
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0331 Graduated Pipette Tip 200ul Gillson PP 50,000
BN0332 1000ul Gillson PP 15,000

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