Disposable plastic 2.0 ml medical grade PP material cryogenic storage tube

1. Made of medical grade polypropylene; Repeated freezing and thawing 2. 2.0ml cryogenic bottles are available with internal or external threads 3. There is no O-ring on the outer thread cap, which reduces the possibility of contamination 4. No DNase & RNase, no endotoxin, no exogenous DNA 5. Side bar code and numeric code are printed by laser for easy information storage 6. Operating temperature: -196°C to 121°C stable 7. Suitable for liquid nitrogen freezing

Products Details

The cryopreserved tube is made of medical grade PP material, which is an ideal laboratory consumable for the storage of biological samples. In the case of liquid nitrogen gas, it can withstand temperatures as low as -196ºC. Even at the standard minimum storage temperature, the silicone O-ring in the lid ensures no leakage, which will guarantee the safety of the sample. Different insertion colors at the top will facilitate easy identification. White writing areas and clear scale make marking and volume calibration easier. - Chilled tubes with outer nuts are specially designed for freezing samples. The outer nut design reduces the probability of contamination during sample handling. - Cryotube with internal screw cap for freezing samples in liquid nitrogen gas condition. Silicone O-rings can enhance the sealing performance of the pipe. - Bottle caps and tubes are made of the same batch and type of PP material. Therefore, the same expansion coefficient can guarantee the sealing performance of the pipe at any temperature. - Large white writing area for easy marking. - Transparent tube for easy observation. - Round bottom design helps to pour liquid, less residue. - Manufactured in the cleaning shop. Gamma radiation is sterile.
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0531 Freezing Tube 0.5ml,conical bottom PP 5000
BN0532 Freezing Tube 0.5mm,self-standing bottom PP 5000
BN0533 Freezing Tube 1ml,self-standing bottom PP 5000
BN0534 Freezing Tube 1.5ml,conical bottom PP 5000
BN0535 Freezing Tube 1.5mm,self-standing bottom PP 5000
BN0536 Freezing Tube 1.8mm,self-standing bottom PP 5000
BN0537 Freezing Tube 5ml,self-standing bottom PP 3000
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