Disposable embedding box of different types of POM material

1. Made of POM material, resistant to chemical corrosion 2. There are large writing areas on both sides, and the front end is 45° writing surface 3. Reasonable buckle design to ensure the bottom cover is firmly combined in the process of organization and treatment 4. With detachable two-piece design, the bottom/cover is easy to disassemble and assemble, even if the cover is frequently switched, the sample will not be lost 5. There are different types of embedding boxes to choose from, to adapt to different needs 6. Multiple colors are available for easy differentiation 7. Suitable for most embedded box printers

Products Details

1. Place the tissue block into the embedding box and lay it out. Attach the label to the side wall of the embedding box, with one side of the embedding box facing outward, and place the embedding box on top of the ice box. 2. The embedding working fluid was prepared according to the number of tissue blocks to be embedded and the capacity of the embedding box (prepared according to the actual amount and used up at one time). Preparation method: mix liquid A and liquid B according to the ratio of the amount specified in the kit and stir them well quickly. 3. Put the embedding box on the ice box, use a straw to quickly fill the embedding box with the mixed embedding working fluid, and cover the surface of the embedding box liquid with the plastic film (cut in advance) as large as the opening of the embedding box. Then, place the embedding box with the ice box in the -20℃ refrigerator overnight, and take it out the next day. When the liquid level of the embedding solution becomes hard, the embedding block can be removed and entered into the section.The embedding box is used for the processing and embedding of various types of tissue samples.
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0711 Embedding Cassette Square holes POM/PP 2500
BN0712 Embedding Cassette Stripe holes POM/PP 2500
BN0713 Embedding Cassette Fine square holes POM/PP 2500
BN0714 Embedding Cassette Removable lids POM/PP 5000
BN0715 Embedding Cassette Round holes, without lid POM/PP 5000
BN0716 Embedding Cassette "O" rings PS 5000

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