(0.2ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 15ml, 50ml) centrifugal tube double thread design made of high-grade PP material

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Microcentrifuge tube is made of high quality PP material, which has wide chemical compatibility. Autoclavable and sterilized, withholds a maximum centrifugal force of 12,000xg, DNAse/RNAse free, pyrogen-free. Microcentrifuge tube is widely used, mainly for sample storage, transportation, sample separation, centrifugation, etc. There are plastic and glass centrifuge tubes commonly used in laboratories. Generally, plastic is used more, because glass centrifuge tubes cannot be used in high-speed or ultracentrifuges. Plastic centrifuge tubes are also made of PP (polypropylene), PC (polycarbonate), PE (polyethylene) and other materials. The performance of PP pipes is relatively good. The plastic centrifuge tube is transparent or translucent, which can visually see the centrifugation of the sample, but it is relatively easy to deform and has poor corrosion resistance to organic solvents, so the service life is short. Therefore, laboratories generally buy centrifuge tubes frequently. The various materials are described below. According to the different materials, it can be generally divided into plastic and glass. Plastic centrifuge tubes are used more, and can be divided into PP, PC, PS, etc. According to different needs, manufacturers will choose different plastic materials for production.
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0361 Centrifuge Tube      with pressed cover 0.2ml PP 70000
BN0362 0.5ml PP 25000
BN0363 1.5ml PP 12500
BN0364 2.0ml PP 10000
BN0365 5ml PP 6000
BN0366 7ml PP 4000
BN0367 10ml PP 3200
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0371 Screw Cap, Conical Bottom Centrifuge Tube 10ml,conical bottom PP 2200
BN0372 10ml,round bottom PP 2200
BN0373 15ml,conical bottom PP 2000
BN0374 15ml,round bottom PP 2000
Item # Description Specification Material Unit/Carton
BN0375 Pulg-in & Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube 50ml,conical bottom PP 1000
BN0376 50ml,round bottom PP 1000
BN0377 50ml,self-standing bottom PP 1000
1. The plug sealing screws on the tube and cover are made of strong, highly transparent medical-grade polypropylene. The zigzag cover is different from the traditional cover, making the cover closer to the tube and ensuring high-speed centrifuge 2. Easily identify liquid level. 3. Supply 15ml and 50ml conical tubes; Large white writing area for easy marking and matte writing section on tube face and cap for easy sample identification. 4. Flat cover: made of medical grade polyethylene, flat cover, easy to mark sample number. 5. Gamma radiation sterilization, the product is produced and packaged in grade 100,000 clean room, no DNAse/RNAse pollution, no pyrogen pollution. 6, made of high-grade transparent PP material, widely used in molecular biology, clinical chemistry, biochemical research. 7. Suitable for a wide temperature range of -80°C to 120°C, resistant to CHEMICAL corrosion such as DMSO, phenols and chloroform; Inert to water 8. Offer shelf pack (sterile) or bulk pack (sterile and non-sterile) 9. Double thread design, reduce threading; The lid is easy to open and close 10. Seal test: conform to IATA safety standards 11. There are a variety of capacity to choose from: 0.2ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml, 15ml, 50ml, etc.

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